Breaking Into Centers, no experience required
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We continue to receive email from people who complain that although they have the skills, temp agencies are turning them away from the lucrative "word processing center" work because they don't have two or more years of experience working in a "word processing center".
When I first began temping, I was repeatedly told this also. And when I eventually did get center work, I met temps in centers whose first temp assignments were long-term center jobs. Part of the reason for being rejected for center work is racism, some agencies sending people to investment banks seem to believe that investment banks only want White temps (they may actually be right is a lot of cases). Part of the reason for rejection for center work is that some agencies want people who LOOK a certain way, some agencies actually prefer ACTORS. And a very tiny part of the reason for rejection is the fact that there are a lot of people trying to get into centers because it does pay well.

My advice is to keep plugging away until you find an agency that will give you work. If an agency gets a new contract to supply temps to a center, they will take almost anyone. It also helps if you get a working temp to recommend you to his or her agency. There are a lot of agencies in NYC and being rejected by 5 or 10 agencies is not even a dent in the number of agencies out there. There are more than 1,000 temp agencies in NYC.

Personally, I would keep registering with agencies rather than pay for some training class simply because a handful of agencies claimed that you need training. And Bowne and Pitney Bowes are always looking for people to work in centers.

Are you having trouble breaking into "Center" work?
January 19, 2002 01:50 am | Quote
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Word Processing and Graphics Centers at Law Firms, Investment Banks (and other places) can be very lucrative for temps. The pay rates in "Centers" can range from $19-$50/hr. And because most Centers are 24 hours, there is a lot of opportunity for overtime.
September 22, 2003 01:07 am | Quote
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